Standard Sealers

Our Standard sealers are the most cost-efficient.

The deep penetrating sealers are water repellant without being slippery; they have UV and mildew protection to help protect your furniture from sun damage and mold growth. Standard sealers are great for low traffic settings but not practical for commercial settings as the constant wiping will make the sealers disappear in a few months.

The refinishing process is done onsite unless the furniture has a varnish or polyurethane finish or if the client wishes we can refinish offsite (pick-up and delivery fees will apply)

After sanding down your furniture we apply the sealer by hand and allow it to deeply penetrate the pores of the wood, giving it that hand rubbed look all while enhancing it.

Please note the standard sealers are not permanent and will require periodic maintenance. For coastal areas we highly recommend maintenance every 6-12 months as mold can penetrate once the sealers start to wear off. For inland areas we recommend maintenance every 9-12 months.

Teak Refinishing
Refinishing Teak

Commercial Finishes

A little bit about our finishes…


Our commercial-grade finishes are high-quality finishes great for a commercial setting.

The finishes have a UV protectant to help protect outdoor furniture from any sun damage and mold growth. The finish is wipe-able, it can be hosed off and wiped down with a towel and will continue looking great without wearing out.

The process is done offsite and takes a few days to complete because they involve anywhere from 3-4 commercial grade coats. Please note, the finishes themselves are not permanent. Periodic maintenance is highly recommended to preserve the beauty of the wood surfaces as well as to continue preserving the wood itself. For coastal areas we highly recommend maintenance every 15 months, inland areas every 18 months and if they are in the shade, they can possibly last longer.



Our most popular commercial-grade finishes are Commercial Natural, Commercial Matte, and Commercial Marine-Varnish

Teak refinishing service


Five star resorts and hotels love our mirror-like gloss. We offer a global leader of topside finishing systems to not only beautify but also protect your furniture, you don’t need to own a yacht in order to have this premium finish on your furniture.


Our topside finishing systems, including topcoats, undercoats, primers, and fillers, give you that unique and unmistakable Yacht Finish look. Just ask one of our knowledgeable experts.

Teak refinshing service


Our furniture repair specialists will be happy to discuss your furniture restoration needs, and determine the best approach for each project.

  • Broken legs, arms, seats, backs, etc.
  • Strengthen furniture
  • Loose joints
  • Missing pieces or hardware
  • Broken supports
  • Hand turning wood spindles
Fat refinishing service

Does your Furniture need professional care?