Generational Wood Furniture

Preserving your interior wood furniture will help protect those items you cherish the most. Through the help of expert restoration techniques, we’ll keep your interior wood preserved for decades to come. It’s about taking pride in the things we own. By treating your items like they were or own, we guarantee 100% Interior Wood Preserving satisfaction


Transform your furniture into a unique one-of-a-kind treasure you’ll love forever. After we carefully pick up your furniture, we’ll get to work on high-quality restoration from skilled craftsmen. Through the use of various solutions, we’ll both touch up and restore during the refinishing process.

The main objective during our furniture refinishing process is to help your furniture maintain its structural integrity. We want to bring out a seemingly everlasting shine perfectly suited for any location. It’s about creating that desirable commercial finish that gives new life to furniture.

Through a meticulous process and years of experience, we’ve unlocked a way with wood. Our team has tapped into refinishing techniques that have been utilized for hundreds of years. Let’s get started.


Your wood floors will see a lot of action. Over time, they’ll start to show signs of degradation. This is why you want to get started on the wood floor refinishing to protect your beautiful hardwood floors. The first thing we’ll do is start prepping your wood floor for refinishing. Aside from cleaning the area, we’ll also prep the floor with a special refinishing solution to help the process.

The real difference that a professional team of wood floor refinishing experts can make comes from the quality of equipment we use. By using state of the art, wood floor refinishing tools and equipment, we’ll build a protective surface over your floors that add to their shine.

The wooden floors within your forever home will be with you for many years. It makes perfect sense to protect them by working with a professional wooden floor refinishing team to get the job done right the first time.


Commercial refinishing is an incredible strategy that can be used for a wide variety of effects. High traffic businesses, as well as office buildings, want to put on an appealing presence for customers, clients, and employees. This helps motivate morale, stimulate productivity, and increase company loyalty. We have been involved with everything from wood seating refinishing for restaurants to commercial decks, patios, and terraces.

Have something specific in mind? Give us a call and let us know what furnishings you need to be restored. Our team is ready to meet the demands of your needs today. Through a process of delicate sanding, touching up and coating, we’ll ensure the protection of your commercial wooden furniture.

We Love The Work We Do

For us, it’s all about helping your customers and employees see the value you provide. That all starts with having show-worthy wooden furnishing to keep forever.

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